Non-profit, open-source organization dedicated to providing high quality Angle of Attack and education resources to the Experimental Amateur Built Aviation Community to reduce LOC mishaps.

Listen to Your AOA
What is ONSPEED?

The FlyONSPEED Mission:  Loss-of-Control Risk Mitigation

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Listen to Your AOA, Energy, Yaw, G and Airspeed

Simple, intuitive tone cues that allow the pilot to hear key performance AOA's and energy state as well as providing outstanding progressive stall warning. ONSPEED AOA is used for approach and landing, maximum performance takeoff and optimum maneuvering (neutral energy, maximum sustained turn rate).  The aural logic simplifies energy management and helps the pilot maintain positive aircraft control.  If you have a stereo ICS or headset with bluetooth, the 3D audio feature "slews" the tone to follow the slip/skid ball, so you know if rudder input is required to coordinate flight without having to look in the cockpit.  The system also provides over-load (G) and airspeed warning.  You can hear the entire flight envelope.

Learn more about flying with the AOA tone on the ONSPEED 101 page.

Education Resources

Learn more about angle of attack and energy management, and how to apply that knowledge to improve your flying skills. For engineers, programmers and experimenters, our library also includes AOA technical information. 


The FlyONSPEED team also develops and maintains the "RV-Type Transition Syllabus," a collection of transition training resources for the Van's aircraft community.


Hardware and Software

All of our work is open source. Anyone can download the software and hardware designs (including schematics, parts lists and instructions).  Our first and second generation systems are "through the hole" configurations using off-the-shelf components and can be assembled by experimenters.  The first generation system works with Dynon EFIS (DY and SkyView), and the second generation system is stand-alone.  Visit our GitHub site: for builder resources.

We are happy to collaborate and answer any questions.  We will work with any experimenter or manufacturer that is interested in adapting our aural logic, hardware and/or software; and always welcome qualified volunteers that want to join the project.  Use the Contact Us option at the bottom of each website page, email, join our forums and comment on our blogs.

Oshkosh 2021:  Updated Video

The FlyONSPEED Team was fortunate to win first place in the 2021 EAA Founder's Innovation Award on Tuesday, 29 July.  We plan to keep our open-source, all-volunteer model as we move forward with automating calibration and developing a "productionized" version of the Gen 2 system we are calling the "V4" for the 4th iteration of the design.  We'll continue to update the blog with progress.  I want to thank all the folks that have contributed to the work:  Lenny Iszak, Christopher Jones, Phil Starbuck, Cecil Jones, Vern Little, Brian Chesteen, Bob Baggerman, Kacy Anderson, Paul Mantegna, Daniel Rollings, Rob Prior, Dr. Dave Rogers, Ed Wischmeyer, Gary Sobek, Carlos Rodriquez, Rob Schroer, Sid Mayeux and Jeff Vaughn.

You can watch a video of our presentation and question and answer session here:

Visit our Project Update Blog and Forum for Latest Discussion

Please check our blog for project updates and technical discussion.  Click on the "Project Updates" link at the top of this page.  The blog allows readers to comment, and since we are an open-source project; we are always looking for feed-back, collaboration and discussion.  Our forum section also allows for interchange of information and ideas, so don't hesitate to post or add to the blog discussion.  Also, if you would like to guest blog and comment on any of our work or your own experience experimenting; please drop us a line and we'll be happy to publish it.  Feel free to contribute to the project--there is substantial expertise in the EAB community, and we can all benefit when more of us participate by asking questions and offering expertise.  The FlyONSPEED team is constantly learning, often as a result of thoughtful folks helping us out!

Visit our YouTube Channel

Fly along with us during flight test!  Some videos are edited, in others, you watch the sausage getting made, warts and all.


FlyONSPEED is an all-volunteer organization of aviation and engineering professionals dedicated to providing accurate, easy to calibrate angle of attack/energy management information and ergonomic cuing to EAB pilots.  The organization is also dedicated to provide high-quality training and flight test resources to the EAB community.  All information is available via open-source for download.  We are always interested in collaborating with anyone interested in any of our projects!   FlyONSPEED, Incorporated is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to flight safety and research.  Donations are gladly accepted, always appreciated and fully-tax deductable.  100% of our operating budget is internet expenses,  hardware and software acquisition.   All flight test is funded out-of-pocket by volunteers.