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Gen 1 System

The Gen 1 system is a simple Arduino circuit that that processes Dynon DY-series and SkyView serial AOA output to generate the performance AOA cueing tone pattern.  It was designed as a "proof of concept" system to allow us to demonstrate the utility of the AOA tone logic.  It has been superseded by our Gen 2 design, which is a full-up, stand-alone system that measures absolute AOA to within a 1/2 degree from zero lift through stall, incorporates IMU data, drives an optional visual display and generates 3D performance AOA audio cues.

Gen 1 circuit design and code are available on our GitHub site.  We are not conducting any further development of the Gen 1 system, but are happy to answer questions or support folks currently using this system.  We recommend a full-up Gen 2 solution for folks that want accurate, performance based AOA cueing information.  

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