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Gen 2

Building Gen 2

Software and hardware Information including schematics, parts lists, assembly instructions etc.  Information is updated regularly.

Currently, the Gen 2 system is calibrated using GPS speed runs ("trim shots") and set points. Trim shots are used to develop the "aircraft curve" and after that is programmed, set points for specific tones that correspond to performance AOA cues (L/Dmax, etc.) are programmed.  We are automating the calibration process in two stages.  The first stage is to develop a WiFi interface that allows the pilot to adjust all program settings in the cockpit real-time.  The 2nd stage is to develop an "automation wizard" that fully automates the calibration process.

Please use the GitHub link on the

left to access most

current hardware

and software


Installing Gen 2

Gen 2 hardware can be installed in any airplane with an electrical system and differential AOA pressure source.  This diagram shows a typical installation in an EAB aircraft with an EFIS.  A static connection is desired, but not required.


Visit Lenny's blog for instructions on how to program the Gen 2 software.

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