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Gen 2 Version 3.0 Ready for Test

Lenny and Phil recently completed design for version 3.0 of the Gen 2 AOA system. This is the version that we'll be using for Beta Testing. Flying version 2.0 in our RV-10 and RV-4 testbeds, we learned that we needed to add serial capability back to the board. Due to the small footprint, we were able to accomplish this by moving some of the components underneath the Teensy CPU and wireless chip. The board retains the original pressure sensors and IMU. We've ordered 50 ship sets worth of components and plan initial "low rate initial production" (LRIP) of 25 units for beta testing.

Version 3.0 Circuit Schematic

Version 3.0 Board #1

Components relocated under CPU and WiFi chips

No plumbing! This box will spend it's life as the primary test set for software development on Lenny's desk.

Version 3.0 Wiring Harness

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