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Apr 22, 2022
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Hi All, Great project, I've been lurking for some time; finally ready to build a Gen2 V3 in Ireland. 1. I have ported the Eagle CAD files to KiCAD - If you're interested in including them I'll do a pull request in GitHub. 2. The component list on Mouser is very helpful, but the total just for that list is now up to EUR340 including VAT (sales tax). Several items are on backorder. As a result I'm thinking to change out to lower cost Honeywell units in the ABP or ABP2 family. On the face of it their spec look the same as the TE Connectivity ones used for PS1 and PS2 and they are about 1/3 of the price. Is there any reason the TE units are a must? 3. Is there any interest in making a "lite" version? I'm thinking to start with I would use the lower cost pressure components and remove the AHRS thus no need for the IMU (which doesn't seem to be involved in the AoA calculations). Mad idea: could we do away with the teensy and run an AoA only version on an ESP32 board? I'm happy to contribute board design and software time; just looking for feedback in case I'm missing something obvious! Thanks, Gareth.
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