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Vamshi Chittaluri
Oct 28, 2020
In General Discussion
Hello All, I hope you are all having a great day. I had an issue with setting up the development environment on windows (for the HUD efid_to_hud). I tried to follow the steps provided in the GITHUB link. However, I am unable to open the HUD or run anything. After i have the folder and github cloned, i made a hud.cfg (made sure the extension is just cfg and not .cfg.txt) file in the folder filled with content from the readme hud.cfg section. I also checked for open com port and changed it in the hud.cfg. on command line, when i run any command. i.e. python -i serial_skyview -e dynon_d100_data1 -s OnSpeed or python hud.cfg -i serial_skyview -e dynon_d100_data1 -s OnSpeed or hud.cfg -i serial_skyview -e dynon_d100_data1 -s OnSpeed nothing happens...can anyone please guide me as to what I might be doing wrong here? I need to develop as well as test on PC. Looking forward to any help. Really appreciate it! Thank you all! Kind Regards Vamshi

Vamshi Chittaluri

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