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Mar 07, 2019
In General Discussion
It’s good to have you here! Feel free to ask questions, share stories, ideas, pictures or lessons learned. Here you can start discussions, connect with other pilots and experimenters, reply to comments, and more. Have something to say? Leave a comment or share a post! Use the camera or video icons to upload a pic or video link if you’d like. The “Rules of Engagement” 1. Be respectful when posting. 2. There are no dumb questions, only questions. 3. Everyone can contribute to the discussion, the Fly ONSPEED project or the RV training resources. This is a collaborative, EAB community “self-help” project that benefits when everyone participates, regardless of your level of experience. 4. This is an aviation and engineering forum. Please limit the discussion to aviation and engineering topics. Fly safely and have fun! Mike “Vac” Vaccaro and the FlyONSPEED team
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